Sport Shake is an active member in communities across the United States and abroad. In an effort to support these communities, we participate in local sponsorships of teams and other organizations that help promote an active lifestyle and make a difference among today’s youth, particularly in underserved areas. Below are just a few of the organizations that we support.

Goals Haiti

Sport Shake is a proud sponsor of the GOALS Haiti organization. Through soccer and education, GOALS Haiti teaches kids in rural Haiti to become better leaders and creates stronger, healthier rural communities. Visit to learn more about programs that are making a difference in Haitian communities.


Little Haiti Soccer Club

Sport Shake donates gear and equipment to Little Haiti FC, a soccer organization that serves at-risk youth in the Miami area. Learn more about their organization at

Little Haiti FC - childrenLittle Haiti FC - youth

Lily's League Cause

Sport Shake is proud to support Lily’s League, a philanthropy created to provide gently used soccer equipment to children in underserved neighborhoods in Kansas City, Springfield, MO, Little Haiti, FL and the Republic of Haiti. Visit to learn about efforts in these communities to share the world’s game and to create a donation event for your team.

Lilys' League donations